Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time To Save Our Children

If We Save Our Children We Save America
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2009 & Forever

To: My Fellow African Americans & All Caring Americans

Re: Saving Our Children

Dear One & All,

I cannot believe that so many of us are setting back doing nothing while our children are being shot, killed, incarcerated and left to raise themselves. There are a few good MEN and WOMEN out there trying desperately to save our children while the majority of males and females are doing nothing but turning their backs and walking away.

In order for our children to have futures, adults must come together as communities and a Nation to teach our children how to respect, educate and appreciate themselves so they can become future leaders and role models for the next generation.

Day after day, after day, we turn on our televisions and radios and all we see and hear about is our children losing their lives, getting shot or being arrested. As adults we want to blame everything and everybody but ourselves. It is bad enough for the parent or parents is working hard but it deplorable when the parent or parents is setting at home doing nothing but drinking, watching soap-operas and hanging in bars.

Teachers are trying hard to teach our children but they are getting little or no support and respect from parents. Most police officers would rather help then hurt or kill our children. When they are left with little or no choice, they are the ones to be blamed.

If young people do not have Real Parents and Role Models in their lives, they have little or no choice but to turn to gangs and crime. All Races but especially African-Americans these days are blaming everyone but themselves for our children’s failures.

Gangs, rapes, robberies, dropping out of schools is our children’s way of sending a message to parents, grandparents and their communities that they need us to save them. Why is that so hard for us to comprehend?

We can make sure we get to the liquor stores or bars for happy hour or to play numbers but cannot find time to cook a meal or attend PTSA Meetings.

How much longer are we going to dance to the music played by those individuals who want nothing more than to see us become history? They want us killed, locked away for life or sleeping and begging on the streets until we die. Sad thing for us but a happy thing for them, they are using us to destroy us and we are too blind to see what’s going on.


There are some great Black Men and Women trying desperately to save our Race but you will seldom hear about them because that would ruin our enemies plans. You would think the likes if Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg and others would spotlight them more. Perhaps they are working with our enemies instead of with their own Race.

Come on African Americans, wakeup and work with good people like President Obama, Congressman Elijah Cummings, Bill Cosby and just concerned and loving citizens like Ms. Anita Jackson, Brother Rudy Lewis and myself. If we all work together we can get back on the road to survival and success. Wouldn’t you prefer that for ourselves and our children on the roads to prisons and cemeteries?

No, I do not just set at home on my computer and write about our problems. I go out and do my very best to get the message out. I grew up without parents and loss both sets of grandparents at an early age. If it were it not for Strangers, Job Corps, U.S. Army, Judges and Law Enforcement, I would be dead, on drugs or in prison for life. Now I am trying to give back to our children those positive things that were given to me.

My Brothers and Sisters, of all Races and Nationalities let’s come together and SAVE OUR CHILDREN AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICA.


David W. Johnson, Jr. Founder & President
If We Save Our Children We Save America
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